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5 Inexpensive ways to improve the chances of selling your home.

Posted By Tyler Wagner @ Mar 29th 2013 10:24am In: Tips and Helpful Suggestions

5 Inexpensive ways to improve the chances of selling your home.

1.) Curb Appeal : Clean up the outside of your home with a good power washing. You do not have to spend and arm and a leg to re-paint. Consider adding some flowering plants on your porch (if you have one). Break out the elbow grease and the windex ! Clean up your windows. A lot of people appreciate natural light in their home and grimey windows will block it out, making a room seem darker. 
2.)  De-personalize a little :  While you may love that collection of ceramic roosters in your kitchen, a potential buyer may not be such a fan. The goal here is to appeal to the buyers ability to make your old house their future home. If they feel like they could see themselves in such a place they are more likely to want to buy. 
3.)  The floor : Regardless of if you have hardwood, tile or carpeting, a potential buyer will inspect the floors of your house. Make sure they have been cleaned before a showing (for those of you with carpets, I recommend a steam cleaning, especially because carpet can hold onto anything from a trail of crumbs Hansel and Gretal could follow to pet/people/unidentifable odors.) If you have hardwood flooring that you do not want to refinish, consider area rugs. 
4.) Hide the toys: Whether the toys in question belong to your kids or your pets (or well, yourself) clear up the clutter and put them away. Sure people looking at your home may have a rugrat or two but leaving toys thrown around isn't going to entice them. It is generally good practice to put away pet toys as they can also carry lingering odors that may turn off buyers. 
5.) Clean you bathroom: Nothing can frighten off a buyer like a dirty bathroom, and after all that house cleaning, the cost of cleaning supplies can add up fast, especially with all the surfaces that need a good scrub down in your bathroom. Here is a link to some recipes for making your own inexpensive natural cleaning agent from Thrifty Northwest Mom.com. Check 'em out ! http://www.thriftynorthwestmom.com/diy-homemade-cleaners/

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