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When you choose Havertown’s great location, 20 to 25 minutes by car or public transportation will get you most anywhere you want to go — whether it’s the Philadelphia International Airport, King of Prussia Mall, South Jersey, Philadelphia, Wilmington, West Chester and others. Just off the Main Line, Havertown is right outside Philadelphia and next to the Blue Route (Rt. 476). So if you work in any of these areas, Havertown PA sidewalksHavertown offers a convenient central location. This prime location is one of many reasons Havertown’s home values have remained strong when so many across the nation have plunged.

A Model for the Nation

With today’s “master-planned communities,” real estate developers throughout the country try to re-create what we’ve always had in Haverford Township—a mixture of residential neighborhoods and commercial establishments with parks and green space scattered throughout. And it’s all laid out in a grid-like structure and connected by sidewalks and bike trails for easy pedestrian travel.

Because most of Havertown was developed when cars were not the main mode of getting around, broad sidewalks were essential for walking to Haverford Parkpublic transportation and the local shops. These sidewalks are just one of the reasons families of today love this town nestled within Delaware County. Sidewalks are also a main attraction of today’s master-planned communities. But why are sidewalks important to so many?

Beyond allowing Haverford Township residents to simply go for a walk safely through many different neighborhoods, our sidewalks build community and encourage people to get out of their homes. Any day of the week, you'll find people out and about, enjoying the day, walking, running, Moms and Dads pushing strollers, kids playing in parks, and neighbors out talking to neighbors.

Havertown is where you live the dream you’ve always longed for. And all the while, you’re less than half an hour from Philadelphia’s Center City and all the culture and nightlife it offers.